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With our key technologies of fine particle, dispersion, thin film and fine processing, Nippon Shizai is manufacturing electronic material, sanitary item, protection wear, functional film, in affiliate Dainichi Co., Ltd., development supported by R&D center.
Fine particle
Nippon Shizai refines organic pigments into fine particles with own know-how and equipments, which is essential for inside parts of OA printers and displays. Besides, we offer technical consulting for production equipments and devices
Technology of stable dispersion preparation, using various type of fine materials. We can offer Carbon Nano Tube dispersion both in water base and solvent base
  • Carbon Nano Tube dispersion
  • Carbon black dispersion
  • Inorganic electro-luminescence dispersion
Thin film
On the surface of fabric and film, we add useful functions with the methods of coating, lamination, vapor deposition, sputtering, plating and impregnation. The products are utilized in various industrial fields.
  • Medical
    • Waterproof sheets, Air mattress cover, surgical wear
  • Consumers
    • Waterproof sheets for elder and baby, adhesive plasters, sanitary and elder shorts
  • Industrial
    • Clean room gloves, artificial leather, military
  • Ink jet medium sheet
    • Ink jet marking film, both side printable sheet
Functional film
  • Electromagnetic wave shield
  • Electric conductive transparent film
  • Metal vapor deposition film
  • Carbon Nano Tube coating film
  • Moisture permeable film
Contract Development
With our equipments and know-how, we can offer contract development and trial / pilot manufacturing
  • Chemical synthesis, analysis, refinement, dispersion
  • Coating, lamination, vapor deposition, sputtering
  • Consulting for clean room, water waste treatment
HOME Business Products