Nippon Shizai supplies various raw materials and equipments for industries of chemicals, textiles, foods, machinery, etc., featuring Only one and No. One products, and international trading with EU, USA, South East Asian countries. With expert services.
Natural origin and petroleum chemicals for manufacturing companies. Glyoxal resin has share of 65% over, which is utilized for textile finishing and pressure sensitive paper.
Textile products for industrial use. Soiled cloths are essential to develop detergents and washers.
  • Lapping cloth, filters
  • Fabric substrates, sewing threads
  • Soiled cloths, test materials of Testfabrics Inc.
  • Preservation and restoration cloths for cultural assets (Museum wiper cloth)
Paper, Medium, Film
3D paper crafts and inkjet mediums are widely used for advertisement and POP. Nippon Shizai prepares total system of inkjet advertisement process, from materials to equipments.
  • Daio Paper's paper craft products
    • Printed 3D paper craft products
    • Package
    • Preserved flower
    • Photo mount paper and album
  • Household papers, film, telegram mount
  • Medium for inkjet print advertisement
  • Medium for logo marking and tapestry
Textile machines (dyeing, spinning, coating, etc.) and equipments (analysis, quality control) for chemicals and electronics industries. Domestic and importing.
  • Textile machines and equipments
  • Laboratory equipments and electronics
  • Machinery importing : BUSER, MONFORTS, THIES, DANTI PAOLO, etc.
Environment, Energy
Environmental purifying systems, facilities and devices, with minding ecology and recycle
  • Waste water treatment, exhaust gas desulfurizer
  • Green energy related equipments and devices (Solar, Wind power generation, storage battery)
  • Boiler for factory use.
  • Piping construction and maintenance
  • Waterproofing work, waterproof painting(Authorized constructing company by Osaka Pref.)
Foreign Trade
Export and Import of various chemicals and consumer commodities
  • Raw materials for various industries
  • Goods for elder care and baby
  • Consumer daily commodities, pet goods
  • Export and Import agent
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